Friday, February 13, 2009

Μόνο για λίγους... | Only for a few...

... (χωρίς λόγια) ...

Σημείωση: "Αέρα" του Αλέκου Αλεξανδράκη...

[ENG] For something that happened today... (I cannot say more)

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Alitovios said...

Σαν σήμερα
1130 Gregorio de' Papareschi elected as Pope Innocent II
1349 Jews are expelled from Burgsordf Switzerland
1510 Charles of Gelre conquerors Oldenzaal
1545 Willem of Nassau becomes prince of Orange
1566 St Augustine FL founded
1601 John Lancaster leads 1st East India Company voyage from London
1633 Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for trial before Inquisition for professing belief that earth revolves around the Sun
1635 Oldest US public institution, Boston Latin School founded
1651 Flemish missionary Joris van Geel departs to Congo
1668 Treaty of Lisbon Spain recognizes Portugal
1678 Tycho Brahe 1st sketches "Tychonic system" of solar system
1689 British Parliament adopts Bill of Rights
1692 MacDonald clan murdered on orders of King William III
1693 College of William & Mary opens
1706 Battle at Fraustadt Swedish army beats Russia/Saksen
1741 Andrew Bedford publishes 1st American magazine (The American Magazine)
1755 Rebel leader Mangkubuni signs Treaty of Gianti Java
1777 Marquis de Sade arrested without charge, imprisoned in Vincennes fortress
1782 French fleet occupies St Christopher
1786 Abraham Baldwin selected president of University of Georgia
1795 1st state university in US opens, University of North Carolina
1799 1st US law regulating insurance passed, by Massachusetts
1809 French take Saragossa, Spain after a long siege
1816 Teatro San Carlo in Naples destroyed by fire
1826 American Temperance Society, forms in Boston
1832 1st appearance of cholera at London
1837 Riot in New York over high price of flour
1858 Sir Richard Burton & John Speake explore Lake Tanganyika, Africa
1860 King Basse Kajuara departs Boni South-Celebes
1861 1st military action to result in Congressional Medal of Honor, Arizona
1861 Abraham Lincoln declared President
1861 Colonel Bernard Irwin attacks & defeats hostile Chiricahua Indians
1862 Siege of Ft Donelson TN
1864 Meridian Campaign fighting at Chunky Creek & Wyatt MS
1866 Jesse James holds up his 1st bank, Liberty MO ($15,000)
1867 Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube" waltz premieres in Vienna
1886 Painter Thomas Eakins resigns from Philadelphia Academy of Art after controversy over use of male nudes in a coed art class
1895 Moving picture projector patented
1899 -1ºF (-18ºC) New Orleans LA
1899 -2ºF (-19ºC) Tallahassee FL (state record)
1899 -16ºF (-27ºC), Minden LA (state record)
1905 -29ºF (-34ºC) Pond AR (state record)
1905 -40ºF (-40ºC) Lebanon KS (state record)
1905 -40ºF (-40ºC) Warsaw MO (state record)
1907 English suffragettes storm British Parliament & 60 women are arrested
1912 England regains cricket's Ashes
1914 American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers-ASCAP forms in New York NY
1920 National Negro Baseball League organized
1920 League of Nations recognizes perpetual neutrality of Switzerland
1920 Switzerland rejoins League of Nations
1923 1st Black pro Basketball team, "Renaissance", organizes
1924 King Tut's tomb opened
1925 US Congress makes Surpreme Court appeal more difficult
1927 Uprising against Portuguese regime of General Carmona defeated
1929 Cruiser Act OKs construction of 19 new cruisers & an aircraft carrier
1929 Vladimir Mayakofsky's "Klop" premieres in Moscow
1932 "Free Eats" introduces George "Spanky" McFarland to "Our Gang"
1934 Austrian Dollfuss government bans socialistic party
1935 1st US surgical operation for relief of angina pectoris, Cleveland OH
1935 Bruno Hauptmann found guilty of kidnap & murder of Lindbergh's infant
1937 "Prince Valiant" comic strip appears; known for historical detail
1937 Maribel Vinson wins her 9th US figure skating championship
1937 NFL Boston Redskins move to Washington DC
1937 Bradman scores 123 South Africa vs Queensland, 165 minutes, 10-4 1-6 in cricket
1937 US female Figure Skating championship won by Maribel Vinson
1937 US male Figure Skating championship won by Robin Lee
1940 Bradman scores 209 in 161 minutes for South Australia at the WACA
1941 Nazi leaders attack Dutch Jewish Council
1942 Hitler's Operation Seelöwe (invasion of England) cancelled
1943 German assault on Sidi Bou Zid Tunisia, General Eisenhower visits front
1943 Women's Marine Corps created
1945 Allied planes bomb Dresden Germany; 135,000 die
1945 USSR captures Budapest, after 49-day battle with Germany; 159,000 die
1946 "Duchess Misbehaves" opens at Adelphi Theater NYC for 5 performances
1948 Wright Flyer, 1st plane to fly, returns to US from England
1948 Andy Ganteaume scores 112 for W Indies in only Test Cricket innings
1948 Ice Pairs Championship at Davos won by Lannoy & Baugniet of Belgium
1948 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Davos won by Richard Button USA
1952 Rocky Marciano defeated Lee Savold for his 39th straight win
1953 A's change name of Shibe Park to Connie Mack Stadium
1954 Furman basketball star Frank Selvy scores 100 points in a game vs Newberry
1954 Frank Selvey scores 100 points for Furman beating Newberry 149-95
1955 Israel acquires 4 of 7 Dead Sea scrolls
1955 KRCG TV channel 13 in Jefferson City MO (CBS) begins broadcasting
1955 Patty Berg wins LPGA St Petersburg Golf Open
1956 KYW-AM in Philadelphia PA gives calls to WTAM (now WWWE) Cleveland
1957 Southern Christian Leadership Conference organizes in New Orleans
1959 Barbie doll goes on sale
1959 Miro Cardon, premier of Cuba, resigns
1960 "Beg, Borrow or Steal" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 5 performances
1960 "Saratoga" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 80 performances
1960 France performs 1st nuclear test at Reggane Proving Grounds Algeria
1961 Frank Sinatra launches Reprise label under Warner Brothers Records
1961 Soviet Union fires a rocket from Sputnik V to Venus
1965 US female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
1965 US male Figure Skating championship won by Gary Visconti
1966 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1968 US sends 10,500 additional soldiers to Vietnam
1969 Mary Hopkin's Postcard album on Apple is released
1969 Suriname government of Pengel resigns
1970 Man-eating tiger is reported to have killed 48, 80 km from New Delhi
1970 NL offices begins move from Cincinnati to San Francisco (completed Feb 23)
1971 Golfing Vice President Spiro Agnew hits 2 tee shots into the crowd, injuring 2
1971 12,000 South Vietnamese troops cross into Laos
1972 "1776" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 1,217 performances
1972 "Grease" opens on Broadway
1972 11th Winter Olympics games close at Sapporo, Japan
1973 Musical "El Grande de Coca-Cola" premieres in New York NY
1973 US dollar devalues 10%
1974 Dissident Nobel writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn expelled from USSR
1974 "Rainbow Jones" opens & closes at Music Box Theater NYC
1974 James "Cool Papa" Bell is named to baseball's Hall of Fame
1975 Cyprus premier Denktash proclaims Turkish-Cypriot Federation
1976 Dorothy Hamill wins Olympics figure-skating gold, Innsbruck, Austria
1976 Peter Casserly of New Zealand hand-sheers record 353 lambs in 9 holes
1977 Eric Heiden is 1st American to win world speed skating championship
1977 "Guys & Dolls" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 239 performances
1977 "Ipi Tombi" closes at Harkness Theater NYC after 39 performances
1977 "Robber Bridegroom" closes at Biltmore Theater NYC after 145 performances
1977 Pam Higgins wins LPGA American Cancer Society Golf Classic
1978 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1979 Washington State's Hood Canal Bridge breaks up in windstorm
1979 2nd Emmy Sports Award presentation
1980 Apollo Computer Inc incorporated
1980 New Zealand beats West Indies by one wicket in cricket at Dunedin
1981 Longest sentence published by New York Times-1286 words
1982 Islander's Bryan Trottier scores 5 goals against the Flyers
1982 Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" is on the charts for 402nd week
1983 World Boxing Council becomes 1st to cut boxing from 15 to 12 rounds
1983 "Merlin" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 199 performances
1983 33rd NBA All-Star Game East beats West 132-123 at Los Angeles CA
1983 Australia beats New Zealand 2-0 to win World Series Cup
1983 Donna White wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Classic
1983 E Bernstein, Levinson & Link's musical "Merlin" premieres in New York NY
1984 Konstantin Chernenko succeeds Yuri Andropov as USSR leader
1984 6 year old Texan Stormie Jones gets 1st heart & liver transplant
1985 Dow Jones closes at 1297.92 (record high) after topping 1300 earlier
1985 Polish police arrests 7 Solidarity leaders
1987 Tigers' Jack Morris awarded $1.85 million salary by arbitrator
1988 15th Winter Olympics games open at Calgary, Canada
1988 Christine Wachtel runs world record 800 meter indoor (1 minute 56.40 seconds)
1988 European Community plans removal of inner boundaries on Jan 1, 1992
1988 Heike Dreschler long jumps world record indoor (7.37 meters)
1988 Ronald Weigel runs unofficial world record speed walking (18 minutes 11.41 seconds)
1989 Oklahoma football player Charles Thompson is charged with selling cocaine; he is later sentenced to 2 years in prison
1989 Salvadoran army attacks Encuentros hospital, rapes, kills patients
1989 Kidnapped Belgian Premier Vanden Boeynants freed
1990 Larry Bird (Celtics) ends NBA free throw streak of 71 games
1990 US, England, France & England give Germany the OK to re-unify
1990 50 killed at Inkatha-UDF battle in Natal, South Africa
1991 Syria tells Germany they are ready to recognize Israel
1991 US bombs Iraqi air raid shelter, killing 334
1992 West beats East 14 to 9 in Major Soccer League all star game
1992 "Most Happy Fella" opens at Booth Theater NYC for 229 performances
1992 Jose Canseco repeatedly rams his Porsche into wife Esther's BMW
1993 Ljubow Kremljowa runs world record 1000 meter indoor (2 minutes 34.84 seconds)
1993 Merlene Ottey runs world record 200 meter indoor (21.87 seconds)
1993 Sergei Bubka pole vaults indoor record (6.14 meters)
1994 44th NBA All-Star Game East beats West 127-118 at Minneapolis MN
1994 Inna Lassovskaya jumps world record 14.9m
1994 Johann Olav Koss skates world record 5000 meter 6 34,96
1994 Ship disaster near Ranong Thailand, kills 200
1995 Howard Stern radio show premieres in San Diego CA on KIOZ 105.3 FM
1995 West Indies beat New Zealand by innings & 332, Courtney Walsh 13-55
1996 Howard Stern announces he will be making the film "Private Parts"
1996 Rock musical "Rent", by Jonathan Larson, opens off-Broadway
1997 "Three Sisters" opens at Criterion Theater NYC
1997 Discovery captures Hubble Space Telescope
2000 US female Figure Skating championship
2000 US male Figure Skating championship

Διαλέγεις και παίρνεις

Υ.Γ. Το γάμησα και ψόφησε :)

Klearchos said...

Χαχαχα!! Δεν είναι, όμως, κάτι που συνέβει ΣΑΝ σήμερα, αλλά κάτι που συνέβη ΣΗΜΕΡΑ!! χαχαχα

philos said...