Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ολική Έκλειψη της Σελήνης | Total Eclipse of the Moon

Total Eclipse of the Moon 2011
15.06.2011: Η Ολική Έκλειψη της Σελήνης, όπως την είδαμε από την Σαντορίνη.

[ENG] 15.06.2011: The Total Eclipse of the Moon, as seen from Santorini.

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Filip Demuinck said...

Top, thanks for the tip with the collage software.

Gosia Myślicka said...

we have had a cloudy sky in Poland :(

Klearchos said...

I am sorry for this, but I am glad you had the chance to see the eclipse here!

Blogger said...

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